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6'2007 Bal Jagat Adoption Agency

Location 5199 E. Pacific Coast Hwy.
Suite #204
Long Beach, California 90804 - U.S.

Contact Info Hemlata Momaya,
Executive Director
Email: baljagat@verizon.net
Phone: (562) 597-5029

To learn more visit their website at www.BalJagat.org.

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  • Charitable Organizations
  • The orphaned children of South Asia can now find hope in the US through the Bal Jagat Adoption agency. Bal Jagat is a private, non profit adoption agency that has been uniting orphans with US families for 23 years. They are licensed by the State of California in Intercountry adoptions. Their mission is to make sure that every child can receive the joy, sorrow, success, failure and most of all, the love of being in a family.

    Bal Jagat's success can be attributed to their careful process of pairing parents with international orphans. Parents interested in adopting are first familiarized with every aspect of being an adoptive parent. They are encouraged to meet with other Bal Jagat parents, attend parties of Bal Jagat children and other events over the summer and winter and communicate to see if adoption is really want they want. This helps find the parents who are most dedicated to giving infants the support they need.

    The adoption process can be long and filled with many questions. With two decades of experience and a volunteer staff, Bal Jagat is there to guide parents through every step of the process and answer any questions there may be. Their purpose is to make the complicated adopting system as "smooth and predictable" as possible. In fact, most of the staff is made up of adoptive parents who understand your story and can help you choose the right program. Bal Jagat is serving the South Asian community and helping make sure that no child is left without a family.

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