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5'2007 Nargis Dutt Cancer Foundation

Location Every major city of the U.S. from New York, Orlando, Los Angeles, and Seattle

Contact Info For more information, visit Nargis Dutt Cancer Foundation website:
ndcfglobalsf.org  or

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  • It is rare to find someone from Indian cinema who is equally known for their contribution to the Indian medical field as they are for their acting prowess. As the award winning actress was undergoing treatment for her cancer in New York, she sympathized with the victims of cancer in her home country of India who could not afford the same resources. She began a mission to change this. However, in 1981, she passed away and immediately the Nargis Dutt Cancer Foundation was founded. Her husband, Sunil Dutt was appointed as the Chairman of the foundation.

    The Foundation serves to raise money to treat victims of cancer and handicapped children in South Asia as well as improve the conditions in which they live.

    The first success of the Foundation came in 1984 when they supported the first bone marrow transplant at the Tata Hospital in Mumbai. Since then, they have raised over $1.5 Million to aid the treatment of cancer in most Indian cities. This is achieved through use of their Nargis Dutt Mobile Hospital units. They are dispatched to different cities in Punjab, Jaipur, and going all the way to the slums of India. The aid does not stop there. The Foundation sponsors physicians in India to learn advanced medical techniques and procedures to help the victims when they return.

    Today, there is a chapter of the Nargis Dutt Cancer Foundation in every major city of the U.S. from New York, Orlando, Los Angeles, and Seattle.

    Some of the Projects that the Foundation has completed in the fight against cancer:

    • Nargis Dutt Mobile Hospital units
    • Over four X-Ray machines and instruments
    • Surgical laser system
    • Research equipment
    • Medical supplies for India's first bone marrow transplant.

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