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3'2007 Rocky Patel Cigars

Location Naples, Florida

Contact Info Learn more about Rocky Patel at:


In a culture that begets Doctors, Lawyers, and MBAs, a Cigar Manufacturer is very rare. Rocky Patel, founder of Indian Tabac and the Rocky Patel Vintage Series, is based in Naples, Florida. An entertainment and product liability Lawyer turned cigar Entrepreneur, his company is fast becoming number one on the charts in many tobacco shops around the country. Indian Tabac has been increasing 15% - 20% growth annually.

A winner of numerous awards, and considered one of the most uncompromising and quality-conscious manufacturers in the industry, a "Rocky Patel" cigar is known to be the choice of the most sophisticated palates.

Rocky's success has been achieved the old-fashioned way - hard work and sheer persistence. "I've been told that I'm the hardest working man in the cigar business. I eat, live and sleep cigars. I even dream about them. I've spent more time pounding the pavement and communicating directly with smokers. I'm driven because people told me when I first started I'd never make it." His road shows began in 1998, and they never seem to end: in both 2001 and 2002 he logged more than 300 days on the road. Despite his current success as one of the top cigar manufacturers in the world, he still follows a brutal schedule.

"I've been to 600 cities once in 750 days," he says. "Sometimes you get tired of the packing and unpacking, the ironing, and constantly moving around. It's tough, but it's the best thing you can do to get your word out. It's almost like I create a friendship with a fellow smoker."

To learn more about his phenomenal rise from a novice smoker who knew nothing about cigars, to one of the foremost experts in the industry, visit his website at www.RockyPatel.com.

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