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10'2007 Naach Dance Company

Location Classes in Bay Area and Los Angeles

Contact Info To learn more about Naach Dance Company, visit: www.Naach.com

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  • Naach Dance Company is cofounded by Mona Sampath and Aditya Patel.

    Mona Sampath, the Artistic Director and Choreographer is an Award-Winning Dance Champion and has choreographed and performed with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.

    Naach is one of the largest dance companies in the US, with over 800 students in California, both the Bay Area and LA. It is credited with creating one of the most successful Bollywood Aerobics program, called Naachercise, and routinely has to turn away students from its sold out classes.

    While there are many dance schools in the US attempting to combine fusion and classical dance, the Naach team has managed to attract top-notch talent, many of whom were professional dancers in India. Their self-edited, high-blast music compilations, stunning choreography and unexpected use of props, and Broadway-quality productions must be seen to be believed. Don't take our word for it, visit their website and attend one of their shows, and see for yourself!

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