Sample Plan Recommendations

Investment Planning

  • Beta of 0.9 to be lowered to 0.5 and asset allocation to be diversified into Emerging International Markets and Energy Sectors. Specific recommendations and funds to follow.
  • Municipal bonds should not be in tax-advantaged IRA's, because they are already tax-free on their own (at the state level). Specific recommendations to follow.

Education Planning

  • Currently Peter's 529 plan only has enough to cover two years of college. Increase contributions to Peter's 529 plan by $10-$12k per year to take advantage of its tax-preferred status.

Insurance Planning

  • The value of your home has dropped, and you seem to be over-insured because you still have your old home value listed on the policy. Check to see if you can reduce the coverage on your Home Insurance to lower your premium.
  • Disability Insurance has the Catastrophic Rider clause at an additional cost of $525 per year. Consider dropping this rider as discussed.

Retirement Planning

  • Early retirement at age 55 doesn't seem possible based on Cash Flow analysis and current expense assumptions. However, this goal may be met by reducing expenses by $8k annually. Further What-If analysis to be conducted at next meeting.
  • A rollover from an IRA to a Roth IRA is recommended, based on our analysis of your tax savings and cash flow. Rollover to occur in 25% increments over 4 years to reduce tax impact.

Estate Planning

  • Wills are in place, however need Advanced Health Care Directive and Durable Power of Attorney documents. Estate Planning Attorney referral to be sent shortly.

Tax Planning

  • You can include recent medical expenses incurred on your itemized deductions for 2011, let's consider amending your return.
  • Separate credit card and bank accounts to be opened for your consulting practice to separate business and personal expenses. Follow-up to be conducted in 6 months on progress.

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