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Insurance Planning

Am I prepared in case of an emergency?
What happens if things don't go as planned?

Our team believes that sound financial strategies take into account contingency plan­ning. Life does not always turn out as expected, and itís important to be able to meet sudden needs when they arise. Insurance planning involves an analysis of the types of coverage you need, when you may need it, and whether your current insurance is already sufficient. Some­times we have found that clients are over insured, and can reduce their coverages to save pre­mium costs. Insurance planning is not always about buying more insurance, some­times it's about buying less.

In addition, not everyone needs all types of insurance — the purpose of insurance is to help make up for a deficiency in income or assets or to pay for a liability in case some­thing hap­pens where you can no longer meet your responsibilities. We believe in edu­cat­ing the client in regards to their insurance needs so that they can clearly understand what they are paying for.

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