Documents & Information to Collect


  • Investments (CDs, Mutual Funds, 401k, IRA, Bonds, Annuities, Stock Options. If you have detailed statements showing your holdings or when options vest with strike prices, etc., that would be most helpful.)
  • Cash and Savings Accounts
    (or a rough estimate of what you have should work)
  • Real Estate (current value)
  • Other Property (Artwork, Jewelry, Cars, etc. which you want to include in our projections. Unless you have large amounts invested in these, usually we don't bother including them.)


  • Mortgages (Original Amount, Remaining Balance, Interest Rate, Term of Loan, Monthly Payment)
  • Other Liabilities (Credit Cards, Student Loans, etc. Small credit card balances which you pay off monthly are not necessary to include.)


  • Wills, Health Care Directives, Power of Attorney
  • Job Benefit Documentation for Health Savings Plans, Cafeteria Plans, 401k Investment Options, etc.


  • Salary and Bonus amounts for both, which we will project upto 65 yrs of age (a rough estimate should work)
  • Social Security statements showing how much you are on target to collect (we probably won't include these as I am not so sure it will be around to include by the time we retire, but if you have actual statements, we may incorporate them for our various “What-If” analysis where we explore different scenarios.)
  • Pensions
  • Expected Inheritances or other sources of Income


  • Insurance Policies for Life, Health, Disability, Home, and Auto (Detailed statements would also be nice so I can see not just the premium amounts but the type of coverage you have. I like to analyze policies in detail to see if we are getting the best coverage for your money.)
  • Monthly Expenses (You can either give me a rough monthly amount that does not include mortgage and insurance premiums, or break it down by major categories such as Utilities, Food, Clothing, etc.)
  • Projected College Expenses and other Expenses
    (We'll figure this out together)

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