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5 Reasons to Advertise on Copper Pages™
  1     Copper Pages™ is THE yellow pages source for the South Asian community.  
Although there are dozens of small yellow page websites that supposedly cater to the ethnic community, none of them has the accuracy, breadth, and depth of Copper Pages™. With over 55 categories and 250 subcategories, and over 50,000 listings that are updated every year, our yellow pages will soon be a household name.
  2     Copper Pages™ is advertised heavily - you get wide market exposure at one low price!  
Copper Pages™ is making an aggressive effort to become a household name for South Asian residents of the U.S. and Canada. Advertisements are placed in television and radio programs, newspapers, and organizations, both local and national. We advertise all over the country so you don't have to! You get the benefits of local and national advertising, at one low cost!
  3     Your advertising can be modified whenever you like and the results will be published immediately.  
Unlike print or television advertising, online advertising does not require lead time for publishing. While most phone directories and catalogues can be printed only once a year, Copper Pages™ can update your advertising information any time you like.
  4     Your advertising reach is unlimited - unlike print and TV advertising, the Internet is available to everyone.  
There is no subscription required, nor does a customer have to watch a show at a certain time to catch your advertising. Customers can visit Copper Pages™ for free, whenever they like.
  5     Advertising on Copper Pages™ is inexpensive!  
Click here to learn about pricing.

Please take a Demo Tour to learn more about advertising on Copper Pages™.

Place your ad on our pages

Place your ad on our pages

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