World Famous Widgets  
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Better than you can ever imagine!
The Worrrld Famous Widgets
Highest Standard

Our "Classical Series" combining our traditional highest quality and our original technologies.
Ideal choice for all your needs either in the office or home.

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World Famous

Our "Top Ultra Modern Series" designed by the best of industry engineers and produced using over 132 U.S. patents.

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Package Deal:

This "Package Deal" covers all possible applications. Also we offer customized solutions and free setup on large contractual deliveries.

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How we do it
Research and Development

Our Engineering and Design Team includes industry leading professionals.
Since 1985, we have developed many original technologies and processes helping us to provide you with the best Widgets for unprecedented low prices.

All of our Widgets are produced by our highly skilled staff using modern processes, equipment, and original technologies on our factory premises located near our headquarters in Rock Springs, WY.

All the raw materials undergo an examination by experts in our Laboratories to be certified at a 0.999 class of purity.

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